A problem faced by conference and trade event attendees is how difficult it can be to follow up with those they met at the event. Time restrictions and a wide variety of distractions both contribute to the issue, but it is ultimately the lack of a centralized communication platform that is to blame.

Arvato System’s Virtual Events Platform—which embeds Rocket.Chat—aims to solve the problem by facilitating open collaboration between guests, exhibitors, keynote lecturers and event personnel.

The platform features:

  • Exhibitor channels to discuss lecture topics, share pictures and upload company presentations
  • Specialized onboarding channels to share content such as up-to-date conference programs
  • Private channels between logistic personnel, event organizers, exhibitors, and suppliers.

According to Brian Hampel (System Engineer) and Maria Seidel (Strategy Consultant), a recent deployment of the Virtual Event Platform was met with great success at a fair operated by their main client.

Rocket.Chat beyond Arvato’s Virtual Event Platform

Arvato Systems has also started to use Rocket.Chat to connect its 3,000 members of staff in 25 locations around the world, and have plans to offer Rocket.Chat as a customized SaaS platform on their private OpenStack-based cloud platform.

When asked why they selected Rocket.Chat, Brian says: “We are positively surprised by the service and like the permanent availability and the quick response times of the Rocket Chat developers. For us, this represents a unique service.” 

Brian, @TheReal, is an active member on the Rocket.Chat community server at https://open.rocket.chat. You can often find him helping out a new user or discussing deployment strategies with our core team.