Rocket.Chat is collaborating with blockchain startup Blockstack to build the next-generation messaging platform for cryptocurrency communities.

Blockstack’s vision is to build a new decentralized version of the internet where users can take back control of their data from proprietary closed source solutions.

Central to Blockstack’s vision is the project’s suite of decentralized apps that can be accessed through the Blockstack browser.

According to Blockstack, decentralized apps can solve the problems associated with traditional digital services – namely the liability of storing large amounts of customer data which can be vulnerable to hackers.

Five apps have have already been built on Blockstack and the project is expected to release a full developer stack aimed at letting coders build apps in much the same way you can builds apps for your desktop or mobile.

Blockstack community

Blockstack is open source and has more than 7,000 developer and contributors located around the world.

With their current proprietary communication platform they aren’t able to restrict who can join channels, making the community vulnerable to security threats.

This is especially the case for phishing attacks where users modify their profile to impersonate others.

The challenge

As a result Blockstack is looking for a new team messaging platform that integrates its own auth system with Rocket.Chat.

This would enable users to access Rocket.Chat with their Blockstack identity for secure login and identity verification.

The Blockstack Signature Fund, which is aimed at building a system of open source applications on Blockstack, is offering a $25,000 USD bounty to the individual or team that successfully builds Rocket.Chat on top of Blockstack.

Take part

Teams and individuals can view full details and register for the bounty here.

Participants will benefit directly from the expertise of the Blockstack and Rocket.Chat teams.

The deadline for the project is 16th February.


To help with your developmental efforts, architects and core team members will be available in the Rocket.Chat forum and Blockstack forum to answer queries.

In early February, both Rocket.Chat and Blockstack will be holding out-of-office hours to provide consultation to registered teams.