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Make the most of your productivity if you are a small or

medium business.

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Is your company struggling to:

  • Make sure messages are being delivered & understood?
  • Keep track of your conversational history?
  • Easily store files and documents?
  •  Adapt quickly to remote work?

Say hello to faster communication.

Productivity starts with downsizing the number of tools you use to communicate.


Rocket.Chat is a communication hub that provides the crucial features to keep your work centralized in one place: videoconferencing, private groups, public and private channels, direct messages, discussions, threads, and more.

«To help our company communicate better, I implemented RC. I onboarded everyone in 24 hours, and they use it as an internal communications tool, but with COVID-19 spreading, they also invited external users. Everyone is very enthusiastic about it! «


Jan Jacobs, Groep B.V, The Netherlands

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Improve your Remote Work

Remote teams are essential to growth. They add diversity and different ways of thinking to boost creativity and problem-solving.

But is your platform able to support multiple locations, connected in real-time?

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That’s what Rocket.Chat does. It allows you to create chat rooms and direct messages, meetings online, reducing at least 30% of time spent with emails and time-waster platforms.


You will be able to talk instantaneously, share your screen, remove and add members to the call, create custom URL links and much else using our video conferencing features!

  • Rapidly communicate and adapt to new challenges
  • Boost your company’s productivity & empower team members
  • Save your chat history and never worry about missing data
Learn how your company can achieve more with Rocket.Chat
Rocket.Chat is trusted over thousand companies across 150 countries

Let the customer choose how to contact you

That’s the meaning of being omnichannel: a cross-channel content strategy in which you are present in all communication channels offering the same speech, pricing, products, offers.

Watch a quick overview of how the omnichannel feature works:

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Fill your marketing funnel, increase sales conversions and reduce operational costs all while maximizing customer satisfaction.

+10 million users in 140 countries trust our platform to collaborate remotely

Rocket.Chat allows you to talk with your teammates AND external customers in the same place!
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✔️  Connect Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and different websites to Rocket.Chat


✔️  Keep customer history saved and save time managing information

Ready to increase your productivity by 30% with Rocket.Chat?

Put an end to crowded email inboxes. Centralize collaboration at a single place.