Since 2005, Google Summer of Code (GSoC) has introduced new developers to open-source communities every year. Rocket.Chat is proud to be a GSoC open-source organization once again in 2020, making this our fourth year of participation. This year, we are proud to host seven official GSoC projects.

Each year, qualified applicants exceed available project slots. In order to accommodate more students and projects, our long-time community supporter, Credit Suisse, has agreed to sponsor an additional three projects this year.  Thanks to the bank’s enthusiastic support, we are able to accommodate a greater number of exceptional students as part of these projects. 

We interviewed several project mentors from Credit Suisse to find out about the objectives of each project and how their experience has been so far. Check it out:

1. Audio Improvements on the mobile app
  • Author: Neil Agarwal 
  • Mentors: Nathan Khoo, Diego Mello, Djorkaeff Alexandre Youssef Muhamad 

This project’s main goal is to bring the audio recording capabilities and the audio player of the Rocket.Chat’s ReactNative project to modern standards. Contributing for the first time with open-source, Nathan Khoo, a mentor from Credit Suisse, thinks that the project goes beyond building a new feature:

2. Add Analytics to Mobile Apps
  • Author: Youssef Muhamad 
  • Mentors: Noorul Ameen, Diego Mello, Djorkaeff Alexandre

This project aims to enhance the overall user experience by understanding how users interact with the Rocket.Chat mobile app, such as their most-used features and favorite screens. For Noorul, an engineer at Credit Suisse and a mentor, these insights will be invaluable in redesigning the app to align with user preferences. He was impressed by the high caliber of the students participating in GSoC’s projects:

3. Content Moderation Rocket.Chat App (Machine Learning)
  • Author: Shreyansh Singh Tomar
  • Mentors: John Sobrepena, Karan Bedi

As Rocket.Chat becomes the main workspace for different projects, why not improve its content moderation toolset? That’s where this project comes into the picture. Through Machine Learning, the project goal is to build an automated Content Moderation service that scans images in a chat message’s attachments and hyperlinks, to ensure that users are not exposed to content that may be harmful or offensive.

Automated content moderation software significantly alleviates the need for human content moderators. For John Sobrepena, a mentor from Credit Suisse, the project also has a significant societal benefit:

At Rocket.Chat, we are delighted to have the support of Google and Credit Suisse, alongside our own open-source community members and core team mentors for this year’s GSoC. With the completion of the GSoC 2020 term in September, these projects will soon be up and running on Rocket.Chat!


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