Learn how OW2 built a successful virtual event with Rocket.Chat

The COVID-19 pandemic left conference organizers and event planners in a tough spot. Hosting a virtual conference seems to be the natural move for organizations that had to move away from face-to-face events in 2020. However, organizing online events might seem overwhelming for a few people. Turning your event into a state-of-the-art online gathering requires thinking about your primary stakeholders:

  • Attendees
  • Speakers
  • Staff & Volunteers
  • Sponsoring companies

For OW2, the only non-profit open-source organization in the EU, the answer was using Rocket.Chat for virtual conferences. In less than a month, they could totally re-engineer their event annual conference, creating OW2 online. They couldn’t be happier with the results:

How OW2 quickly shifted to a virtual conference with Rocket.Chat?

With 30 presentations expected, OW2 looked for a reliable platform to host their event online called “The Challenges of Full Stack Open Source“. They chose Rocket.Chat because of its ability to provide a quick and reliable environment for participants.

OW2 virtual conference

1) Leveraging Channels To Share All Kinds Of Information

In order to quickly communicate with attendees and the speakers, OW2 leveraged channels inside Rocket.Chat to promote ideas, announcements, and even gather feedback from participants.

This is how they organized their channels:

#OW2 Online: it’s the core conference channel, for general announcements and where attendees find the links to join live-streaming presentations.

#Presentation channels: each presentation has a dedicated “Presentation Chat” advertised on the #OW2Online channel. Presentation Chats are moderated by the speaker who can directly chat with attendees.

#Feedback: an open channel for attendees to share their impressions and provide suggestions.

#Help: for questions about the organization, technical difficulties, etc.

2) Integrating with Youtube to easily live stream presentations

Thanks to Rocket.Chat’s integration with YouTube Live stream, OW2’s team was able to broadcast their presentations in real-time, as well as share videos through the platform.

3) Using white-label features to increase brand awareness

OW2’s management looked for a customizable platform. The white label features were crucial for them to reinforce their brand, defining interface colors, place their own logo, and even setting the CSS to personalize Rocket.Chat according to their entire brand identity.

4) Facilitating attendee’s login with a simple invite link

A hassle-free solution that increased people’s engagement rate: OW2’s attendees were able to enter the conference by simply clicking on a link, without the hassle of downloading and installing a mobile or web app:

Besides the features above, Rocket.Chat also offers numerous benefits for events, such as creating virtual booths, 1-1 meetings, direct messages, and Q&A talks. 

Enhance your event experience

Turn your virtual event into reality with Rocket.Chat

  • Quickly chat with participants & speakers
  • Broadcast presentations & videos
  • Build Q&As and virtual booths 
  • Leverage whitelabel branding