Radically Open Security (RSO) is the world’s first not-for-profit computer security company. With 90% of the profits going to a charity that supports an open internet, the founders couldn’t be more serious about the principle of an open information society.

When this globally distributed organization started looking for a secure solution for their communication needs, the only choice for them was an open source solution, which is how they discovered Rocket.Chat.

Co-founder John Sinteur says the company is able to give away most of its profits through an innovative business model and the excellent service RSO provides to its customers.

90% of the profits go to a charity that supports an open internet

The company uses a Dutch “Fiscaal Fondswervende Instelling” (Fiscal Fundraising Institution) to provide a commercial front end that sends 90% of the organization’s profits tax-free to a back end foundation (Stichting NLnet) that has supported open source, Internet research and digital rights organizations for almost 20 years.

Given their commitment to an open internet, it was important to ROS to find a communication platform that adhered to the same principles.

ROS needed a solution that was secure, scalable and could easily integrate both with tools the company used frequently – like GitLab, Kanboard and Hubot – and those that ROS were writing in-house.

Rocket.Chat ticked all these boxes and the team hasn’t looked back: “It has been really easy to intergrate Rocket.Chat with our other systems.”

“Rocket.Chat has one of the most active and responsive development teams I’ve seen in a long time.” – John Sinteur

Given the confidential nature of ROS’s client data the company self-hosts Rocket.Chat and is actively involved with improving the platform’s overall security.

Since adopting Rocket.Chat, John says that it is easier to collaborate and that there’s been an uptick in turnaround time for projects.