Today we are happy to announce the new release of the Rochet.Chat+ Desktop App, version 2.9.0 for Windows, Linux and MacOs; bringing our users new features and much anticipated fixes. All the new Desktop Apps are available for download immediately.

This new version brings a large number of improvements, from easier deployment for companies to better notifications. We aimed to improve the apps incrementally by fixing bugs and implementing some widely-requested usability features.

Mac users will notice the missing Services menu has been added to the app and that they are now able to answer messages directly from the notification alert. Also on notifications, Windows users will not be bothered by duplicate notifications anymore and won’t have to wonder why the app window didn’t open when you opened the app.

For those who deploy the apps to multiple users, we have added server default configuration file, where administrators can pre-define the list of servers for all users in the system.  In addition, we have added a rocketchat:// protocol handler, so now you can share server urls with users and it will get added to their app server list once opened, this will work for messages inside the Rocket.Chat+ app and for your website as well, as long as they have the app installed.

We have to admit that we have been neglecting our Electron App development in the recent past, and would like to apologize to our loyal community. But with the recent team growth, we will be able to bring it back on track. From this point forward we’ll focus on keeping a steady development cycle which translates into more frequent updates and releases. If you are interested in helping us or want to report bugs, make sure to check our repository at Rocket.Chat.Electron.

Please see our Release Notes  for all the improvements and bug fixes in this release.

Ubuntu users, we will have our desktop client snap updated shortly.  For Fedora users, we are getting the .deb and .rpm into the official repository. 

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