Rocket.Chat Bots

The ideal platform to improve your workflow through bot automation. Improve DevOps and ChatOps, customer service and community support. 

DevOps and ChatOps

Rocket.Chat improves the way of doing chat bots

We provide bot makers with the best solutions and experience for their community.

Out team is constantly analyzing the data collected through different sources to produce new features based on that feedback.

Using Bots

Rocket.Chat encourages chatbot and messaging automation integrations and has released comprehensive bot documentation to guide you through the bot-making process, from creating bot users to configuring the bot environment.

Quick Start Guides

If you have any ideas related to bots, feel free to join the discussion on our #bots channel.


Rocket.Chat has supported bots since the beginning, enabling chat-ops workflows with multi-channel, multi-user, public and private interactions.

Rocket.Chat continues to develop new features that enhance the BOT creator’s experience and extend their capabilities. For example, Rich messages and payloads for buttons and cards



See our Bots project issues for more information.