Bringing secure cryptocurrency token access to team chat channels

SAN FRANCISCO, September 22, 2017. Today, Rocket.Chat and Tokenly announced that they have partnered to bring a new type of communication channel to team chat, called token channels.

Rocket.Chat users can currently communicate through LiveChat, direct messaging, private and public channels, and voice and video conferencing.

Users can now can link their Rocket.Chat server to their Tokenpass server to communicate over channels that require users to own specific cryptocurrency tokens.

Rocket.Chat’s CEO, Gabriel Engel, sees token channels as the first step towards bringing additional services and value to Rocket.Chat via crypto tokens:

“The Rocket.Chat team and I are excited to see how the community uses token channels. We’ve taken the first step but know that there are so many interesting uses for a service like Tokenpass within Rocket.Chat, and we would love to see what our open source community creates.”

Adam Levine, Tokenly CEO, is equally excited about the future opportunities of the partnership:

“Rocket.Chat has been an amazing partner, and we’re very excited to be launching the first wave of our collaboration with Token Controlled Access for Rocket.Chat channels. What started as a way to let Crypto communities create members-only social spaces with access governed by the blockchain has opened the door to many empowering possibilities.”

Rocket.Chat is the leading free and open source team chat alternative to Slack. Rocket.Chat is more than just a team chat platform, it is a passionate and active open source community of contributors. Tokenly is a blockchain solutions company focusing on the development of token applications that empower token access, ownership and buying power.

Tokenpass is a universal username and blockchain agnostic token management hub, empowering developers and users with token access, lending, rentals and more. For more information, please visit

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