We’re excited to be the community interface of choice for Lisk, an inspiring cryptocurrency company doing amazing things with sidechains. Lisk was founded by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows earlier this year, after raising 14,000 bitcoin (the equivalent of roughly $6.4 million) in a crowdfunding campaign for their decentralized application and sidechain platform. The platform is fully open-source and extremely community dependent, which is why Lisk needed an extraordinary platform for connecting with that community–so earlier this year they switched from Slack to Rocket.Chat. “I think it’s an awesome platform and a serious alternative to Slack,” says Kordek. “We use Rocket.Chat as the interface to our community, a general community chat. As a crypto-currency and platform the community is extremely important, therefore we maintain a healthy relationship to any individual member. Rocket.Chat helps us with that.”


Kordek praises our customisability, simple login, public channels, file sharing, emojis, direct messages and private groups as some of the most useful and attractive features for his team and community. “We have over 3000 members,” says Lisk, and with Rocket.Chat “everyone can simply join our chat and get in contact with the team or other enthusiasts,” streamlining the collaborative process. Lisk also uses Rocket.Chat to conduct bi-weekly community meetings and to give live support to new members. But for Kordek, it really comes down to open source.  ”I love this about Rocket.Chat and see huge activity around the development,” he says. For cryptocurrency, open source is a key security issue: companies like Lisk believe the software and currency structure should be fully transparent to the user. “Lisk is itself an open source software and company,” says Kordek. “We are big supporters of the open source movement and would like to see every software being open source.” We totally agree. Lisk is a truly disruptive technology, and it’s all about to happen.  Read more about how Lisk will begin trading on all major exchanges starting on May 24th.