We’re excited to announce that seven keen student coders will be taking part in the annual Google Summer of Code 2017 (GSoC). Four students will be sponsored by Google and three by Rocket.Chat.

Google did us the honor of choosing to fund four of our suggested projects for this year’s Summer of Code. First-year organizations usually have one or two projects accepted, so we were excited that they were enthusiastic about so many of our ideas!

In fact, we were so impressed by the proposals put forward that we decided to fund three more ourselves!

This year’s GSoC projects

We were delighted to receive proposals from 68 elite students worldwide. Nine were then shortlisted and interviewed by us, of which seven will be working with Rocket.Chat over the summer.

This year’s projects are:

  • Creation of a PWA Client. Student: Naman Gupta. Rocket.Chat mentors: Karl Prieb, Guilherme Gazzo
  • Rocket.Chat iOS SDK. Student: Lucas Woo. Rocket.Chat mentors: Rafael Kellermann Streit, Rodrigo Nascimento
  • Integrated Personal Email Gateway. Student: Pradeep Kumar. Rocket.Chat mentors: Rodrigo Nascimento, Diego Sampaio
  • E2E encryption with Signal Protocol. Student: Mrinal Dhar. Rocket.Chat mentors: Marcelo Schmidt, Marius Nepomuceno
  • Automatic Channels. Student: Karan Batra. Rocket.Chat mentors: Mitar Milutinović, Rodrigo Nascimento
  • Rocket.Chat Android SDK. Student: Sachin Shinde. Rocket.Chat mentor: Rafael Kellermann Streit
  • Federation Server. Student: Manish Kakoti. Rocket.Chat mentors: Gabriel Engel, Sing Li, Matthew Hodgson

We’re looking forward to sharing our expertise on open source projects, and we have no doubt that we’ll be learning from our students, too!

We’ll be guiding all particpants through open source coding, community engagement and trending technical skills. Students are paid and they will be joining an active open source community.