The recent boom in inexpensive electronic stock trading services has offered more individuals the opportunity to become an investor than ever before.

While this can be seen as fantastic news, it comes with its own problems. The most noteworthy is perhaps “Lone Wolf” syndrome.

“Lone Wolf” syndrome is where an individual makes investments without input from others.

It’s perhaps a natural progression of events as trading moves from Wall Street to one’s personal computer.

Common symptoms include allowing emotion to influence financial decisions.

Curing “Lone Wolf” syndrome through community

San Diego-based startup TechMeetsTrader is determined to unite lone wolves through its investment community experience, which it describes as the “Facebook of stocks.”

TechMeetsTrader is:

  • A community where investors can fully discuss what they’re trading, and the hows and whys
  • A community where investors can maximize their success by collaborating with and learning from one another
  • A community where investors can participate in what matters most to them – whether it’s stocks or options investing – by creating and joining groups.

Ultimately, TechMeetsTrader aims to streamline the process of going from idea to profit.

Rocket.Chat in its heart and soul

The TechMeetsTrader team has been working with Rocket.Chat since 2016 to create this unique investment community platform. As Albert Frimpong, TechMeetTrader’s CTO explains:

“We loved the interactions with the Rocket.Chat team and community. It seemed as if everything we needed was already in motion from the community. For example, at one point channels and direct messages were private to the point where the Giphy integration would only work in public channels.

I looked through the Rocket.Chat issues for 10 minutes and BAM… there’s a pull request to open the channels for bots to be able to post.”

Although most of Rocket.Chat’s features are important to the team, groups are pivotal: “groups is where true collaboration happens for everyone using TechMeetsTrader.”

Launching early 2017

TechMeetsTrader is built on React, NodeJS, MongoDB, & Neo4J, which are highly compatible with Rocket.Chat’s NodeJS + MongoDB stack, making integration easy.

TechMeetsTrader launches on January 17 and they have an immediate opening for a developer familiar with Rocket.Chat.

Interested candidates should send their list of recent Rocket.Chat PRs to