Best Practices to Work Remotely With Rocket.Chat



31 Mar - 01:00 pm

Best Practices to Work Remotely With Rocket.Chat


Júlia Grala
Senior Business Developer

Learn how to make the most of remote work with Rocket.Chat.

This webinar series was created to help anyone that is looking to be productive while working remotely. On a weekly basis, we want to get together with our community to discuss hacks on how to deal with home office challenges.

This week: Learn how to deal with remote communication


  • Async vs Sync Communication
  • How to collaboration with your team from home
  • Best ways to communicate with stakeholders
  • Basic rules for a productive virtual meetings
  • How to set limits between professional and personal life
  • Dealing with the isolation feeling


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Video Duration: 23 minutes


Where: Rocket.Chat’s Youtube channel (an email will be sent with the final link to join the webinar)


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